Welcome to Integrity!

Our desire here is to help you meet God, find encouragement, and fulfill His call on your life. Our journey as a church plant is just beginning, but our lineage is deep and wide.  Check out the "Us" tab on our main page to learn more about our Church. 

Questions to ask as you consider Integrity Baptist Church:

  • Am I hungry to know and experience more of God?

  • Am I seeking an authentic community where I can be known, loved and challenged?

  • Am I looking for my purpose in life?

  • Do I want my kids to grow in their love for Jesus and His purposes in the world?

  • Do I want my life to leave a lasting impact for Christ on the people around me?

  • Do I want to see the gospel spread to the unchurched?

  • Do I still believe that the Church, with all its imperfections, can still change the world?

    If you answered yes to any or all of these, then Integrity is the place for you.

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