We offer a variety of resources to guide you on your daily walk of faith. Please feel free to take advantage of any of these as they may help you stay close to Jesus in this time.


Within each Digital Pass experience, families can access weekly Activity Pages, a conversation guide and a series of videos to watch and discuss. Materials include a Bible Story video, Life Application video, a kid’s connection video, a mission’s video  gospel presentation resources. New videos will be updated weekly at  midnight on Thursday nights so that families can have fresh content every  weekend.

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Can help make God’s word a part of your everyday study. In addition to that the Bible App can be used to keep your notes for the sermon. Note: Be sure to get the Bible App for Kids

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Not a fan of reading. We get it, the dwell app is a resource for people who would rather listen to scripture. If you sign up now you get 60 days free to help scripture be a part of your life during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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Interested in receiving our daily reflections, please email us at integritybaptist@att.net